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Give Your Bathroom a New Look with These Furniture Update Ideas

Updating Your Bathroom Furniture
Is your bathroom looking a little dated and tired? By making the right small updates to your bathroom furniture and décor, you can completely revamp the space without having to do a full renovation. Read on for some simple ideas to update your bathroom furniture to look brand new.
Replace your medicine cabinet for a streamlined look
One of the fastest ways to update the look of your bathroom is to replace your old, bulky medicine cabinet with a new, streamlined version. Medicine cabinets with thick, visible frames instantly match the bathroom.
Choose a frameless medicine cabinet with thin trim or no trim at all. This gives a clean, minimalist look and makes the space appear larger. Glass shelves in the cabinet also help create an airy aesthetic. Make sure you choose enough storage space for all your essentials.
Frameless medicine cabinets double as mirrors to open up dresser space. For more versatility, look for cabinets with charging stations, lighting and slide-out magnifying mirrors.

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Update Existing Cabinets with New Hardware
Replacing all the cabinets in your bathroom can be a massive undertaking. For an affordable refurbishment, upgrade your existing vanities and cabinets with new hardware.
Replacing old knobs and pulls with new cabinet hardware can completely change the look of your cabinets. Smooth glass, brushed nickel, oiled bronze and matte black hardware are suitable for modern bathrooms.
Choose hardware in the same finish for all cabinets and drawers to maintain an aesthetically cohesive look. Completing this simple swap allows you to update the style of your room without the hassle of installing brand new cabinets.

Give the dresser a fresh coat of paint
Aged wooden dressers are prime candidates for a paint makeover. With just some sandpaper, primer, and a can of paint, you can refinish your bathroom vanity and give the entire space a new look.
Choose vanity paint colors in light, bright shades like cloudy white, light blue or sage green to keep things fresh and airy. Neutral grays and blues are also easy choices.
Before painting, be sure to remove existing hardware and sand the cabinets thoroughly to help the new paint adhere properly. Use painter’s tape to cover areas you don’t want painted. Apply 2-3 thin coats, allowing proper drying time between coats for a smooth finish.
Installing a New Bathroom Vanity
If your current vanity is falling apart or you want to change the look completely, installing a new vanity is one of the best ways to update your bathroom furniture. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing a new vanity:
Look for clean vanities with drawers and cabinets to maximize storage space for towels, toiletries and other essentials.
Look for a counter depth and width that fits the footprint of your space and leaves enough counter area on each side of the sink.
Choose a vanity made of waterproof materials such as engineered wood, laminate or waterproof MDF. Stay away from solid wood that can warp.
Make sure it’s the right height. Standard vanity heights are 31-34 inches. Measure your dimensions to get the right size.
Choose a sink with the right sink size, countertop material and faucet hole for your needs.
Separate Dresser Space with Trays and Organizers
Trays and organizers are a quick and easy upgrade to your existing bathroom vanity. Clear acrylic or wire trays instantly organize clutter in cabinets and drawers, making your mornings more productive.
For countertops, try rectangular trays to store smaller items such as makeup, cotton rounds and perfume. Organizers with built-in compartments are perfect for neatly separating toiletries. Pairing trays and organizers creates a uniform, beautiful look.

Door hangers or shelves provide additional storage space next to your vanity. Use them for rolled towels, hair care products, first aid supplies and more.
Upgrade the style and function of your lighting fixtures
Better lighting can make a bathroom feel clean and airy. Check out these preferred upgrades:
Chandelier – Hang a chandelier or mini pendant above the vanity for an instant style boost. Choose clear globes for added brightness.
Wall sconces – Wall sconces mounted on each side of the mirror provide ideal task lighting. Choose wall sconces that feature uplighting or downlighting.
Under Cabinet Lighting- LED strips mounted under cabinets illuminate sink and counter areas with a soft glow.
Lighted Mirrors- Dressing mirrors with built-in LED lights make self-grooming easy while adding ambiance.
Don’t forget to replace old ceiling fixtures with new ones that better suit your decor. If your bathroom is poorly ventilated, add an exhaust fan. Proper lighting can make a bathroom safer and more functional.
Recaulk and regrout for a refreshed look
Replacing old, stained caulking materials and cement grout can make a big difference. Over time, the caulk around tub and tile grout can become dirty and discolored.
Use a grout saw or caulk removal tool to completely remove the old material. Make sure the area is clean and dry before applying new caulk and cement grout. White caulk and grout are best for creating a bright, clean look.
Take care to apply the new cement grout and caulk evenly and smoothly. Wipe off any excess for neat lines. This refreshing maintenance can make your tile, tub and fixtures look brand new.
Buy matching bath accessories
An easy way to tie your bathroom together is to purchase a new set of matching accessories. This includes shower curtains, rugs, towels and other decorative items.
Purchase multiple bath towels, hand towels and washcloths in the same color and pattern. Hang the shower curtain for a more uniform look. Make sure the back has a matching fabric lining.
Bring a soft bath rug to match your new fabric accessories. Trash cans, soap boxes and waste paper baskets also come in matching sets for a unified aesthetic.
Paint the walls a soothing color
Just one coat of fresh paint can give your bathroom an instant makeover. When choosing bathroom wall colors, select shades that evoke serenity and relaxation.
Light greens, pale blues and soft grays are beautiful. Walls in deeper, richer shades can add depth. Always choose matte finishes, as smooth paint can highlight imperfections on uneven walls and ceilings.
Prepare walls properly and prime before painting for best results. Painter’s tape helps create clean edges and streaks. Showcase your favorite relaxing colors by revamping your paint job.
Installing new flooring over old tile
Over time, bathroom tile floors eventually become stained and cracked. Covering outdated tile with a new floor covering is a cost-effective remodeling strategy.
Two of the best options are luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and vinyl sheet. These floors are moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and mimic natural materials like wood and stone.
Make sure the subfloor is properly prepared before installation. Coordinating new flooring with wall coatings and accessories creates a cohesive, upscale look. Updating your flooring will make a huge impact at a relatively low cost.
Questions and Answers About Updating Your Bathroom Furniture
Still have questions about upgrading your bathroom? Check out these frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: How much does it cost to update my bathroom furniture?
A: Prices vary, but minor updates such as new hardware or lighting start at $50-$200. A full vanity replacement can cost $200-$1,000.
Q: Should I update my bathroom floors or walls first?
A: Floors provide the foundation, so they’re the best place to start. Then match the walls, vanity and trim to your new floor.
Q: Can I install my own bathroom cabinets?
A: With some DIY skills, you can install a vanity, but plumbing should be left to the professionals.
Q: How can I make a small bathroom look bigger?
A: Use lighting, mirrors, and glass/metal materials to open up the space. Stick to light wall colors. Avoid clutter on counters and floors.
Q: What are the popular bathroom colors and styles right now?
A: White and light gray schemes are popular. Black metal hardware and fixtures add style. Natural wood vanities are popular along with industrial and minimalist styles.
This covers key ideas and strategies for refreshing your bathroom by updating your furniture and decor. With these simple remodeling tips, you can turn your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary without the hassle or cost of a full renovation.

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