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art of living:Choosing wall art and furniture for every room in your home

Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly been struck by a piece of art on the wall? That’s the power of well-chosen wall art – it can transform a space, evoke emotion and reflect your personal style. But with so many options, how do you choose the right furniture for each room in your home?

Choosing Wall Art For Every Room In Your Home Choosing Wall Art For Every Room In Your Home

The living room: the heart of the home

The living room is where life begins. It’s a place for relaxation, entertainment and family gatherings. Here, art should be attractive and reflect the vibrancy of shared experiences. Think of a large, colorful abstract piece that could be a conversation starter or a set of old-fashioned travel posters that tell the story of your adventures.

Kitchens and dining areas: celebrating food and friendships

Kitchens and dining areas are warm and welcoming. Art in these spaces can be whimsical or food-related, such as old-fashioned food advertisements or framed recipes. A whimsical piece of art can add character to your kitchen, while elegant, simple artwork can enhance the ambiance of the dining area.

Bedroom: your private retreat

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so the artwork you choose should promote rest and relaxation. Tranquil landscapes or soft abstract paintings can create a peaceful atmosphere. Beautifully framed personal photos also add a cozy, intimate feel.

Home office: inspiring productivity

Art in your home office should inspire and motivate. Consider abstract pieces with bold, vibrant colors or inspirational quotes that resonate with your personal goals. Art that reflects your professional ambitions is also a good choice.

Explore Art Styles and Mediums

Choosing art isn’t just about the subject matter, it’s also about the way it’s presented. Canvas prints offer a classic look, while metallic prints offer a modern twist. Watercolors add a softness that’s perfect for creating a serene space, while bold acrylics can make a statement. Don’t be afraid to mix mediums in your home to create a vibrant collection.

The Art of Placement and Arrangement

Art placement is key to maximizing its impact. In the living room, art should be hung at eye level to elicit admiration and conversation. In the bedroom, consider placing art on the wall facing the bed or in the morning to start the day with something beautiful. Gallery walls are perfect for filling large, empty walls with a series of smaller pieces, creating a focal point that reflects your tastes and experiences.

Choosing Artwork for the Living Room

Choosing wall art for your living room means finding a balance between personal taste and universal appeal. Large canvases depicting landscapes or abstract designs can make stunning focal points. Keep in mind that the artwork you choose should complement the other design elements of the room, from the furniture to the wall colors.

Beautify the bedroom with art

In the bedroom, wall art should evoke peace and tranquility. Consider pieces with muted tones and soft themes. A framed picture of your favorite quote or a canvas photo of a calming seascape can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Dining Room and Kitchen Art Options

Whether it’s a formal setting or a casual kitchen, art in the dining room should complement the dining experience. A series of small themed prints can add personality without overwhelming the space. In the kitchen, fun, food-related artwork or a chalkboard wall for family messages and drawings can add a touch of whimsy.

Personalize your space with unique art

Children’s rooms and home offices offer opportunities to get creative with wall art. In a child’s room, bright, fun pieces can spark the imagination, while in a home office, artwork that focuses on a goal or a serene landscape can help maintain focus.

Spiritual connection: using art to enhance well-being

Art has the profound ability to touch our souls and connect us to something greater than ourselves. In many homes, wall art is chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its spiritual significance.

Whether it’s a serene landscape that reminds us of the beauty of the natural world, a religious symbol that offers comfort and protection, or an abstract piece that evokes a sense of peace and introspection, art can be a powerful conduit for spiritual well-being.

Creating a Sacred Space

Incorporating spiritual art into your home can create a sacred space that promotes reflection and serenity. A meditation room or a quiet corner of your home can be enhanced by art for your spiritual journey. Consider minimalist pieces that embody Zen principles or vibrant mandalas to center your thoughts during meditation.

Art as a Reminder of Intention

For many people, art serves as a daily reminder of their intentions, beliefs and desires. A carefully selected piece of art can serve as a focal point for daily affirmations and intentions. Whether it’s a painting that inspires gratitude, a photograph that captures the majesty of the universe, or a handmade piece that connects you to your heritage, art like this can set the stage for your spiritual path.

Healing Through Art

The healing power of art is well documented. Art that resonates with your personal beliefs and experiences can have a therapeutic effect, reducing stress and promoting mental health. Whether it’s art making or art appreciation, exposure to art can be a spiritual practice that nourishes the soul.

Incorporating spiritual art into your home is a deeply personal endeavor. It’s not just about decorating; it’s about creating an environment that reflects and supports your inner life. When choosing artwork for your home, consider pieces that speak to your soul, uplift your spirit and enrich your spiritual practice.

Whether it’s through color, form or theme, let your art choices be guided by the universal truths that are closer to your essence and what you hold dear.


Choosing wall art for your home is a journey of discovery. It’s about finding pieces that resonate with your soul, improve your living space, and make your home unique. Remember, the best art choices are those that make you feel happy and inspired every day.

Looking back on my personal journey of choosing wall art, I realize that each piece I’ve chosen over the years tells a story, an emotion, or a dream from a specific moment in my life. From the vibrant street art prints in my living room that remind me of traveling, to the delicate watercolors in my bedroom that put me to sleep, each piece adds depth and dimension to my home. It is these personal styles that truly turn a house into a home.

Incorporating these insights and experiences into your selection of wall art will not only beautify your space, but also give it personality and meaning. Remember, the walls of your home are the canvas for your life story – choose art that reflects your journey.

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