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When choosing a house door, pay attention to these points to save time and effort. Don’t worry, come and take a look

Home decoration is a very important thing for more and more people nowadays. We all want to decorate our homes into beautiful, warm and comfortable spaces. When we focus on the decoration of our houses, we often ignore it. Now that we have chosen the door for our room, imagine that the style of our house is very beautiful, but there is a problem when choosing the door and installing it. What will everyone think at this time? Therefore, we must pay attention to the choice of room doors. Next, the editor will bring you some precautions when choosing room doors. See if what the editor said can help you?

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1. Door style
As is common to us, it is a common phenomenon that the door frame and the wall are of the same color. Usually the door and door frame are integrated into one, so when choosing a door, you can choose a matching door and door frame. In addition to the stripe style of the door, you can choose a matching door and door frame. The exterior basically matches the style of the room. Of course, some people will also choose doors of different colors, which requires us to match them according to our own preferences.

2. Door selection
Because the uses of indoor houses are different, the choice of indoor doors and entrance doors is different. Many people think that the door style of the rooms is the same, but what the editor wants to emphasize here is that if the door selection is unreasonable , it will also reduce the service life of the door in future use. For example, for the entrance door, for safety, we can choose doors with higher hardness and less damage to the material, such as tempered doors or iron doors. Bedroom doors and study doors are mainly to ensure Because of the isolation of space, you can choose wooden doors here. If you need sound insulation like a study, the editor recommends that you choose soundproof doors, which not only isolates the space but also reduces indoor sound interference. Most kitchen doors and balcony doors All home decorations are connected. The editor recommends that you choose glass doors, which will not only make the room appear brighter, but also make it easier to clean. Because the bathroom door contains bathing and other appliances, considering that it will generate moisture in the room during use and needs to be isolated, the editor here recommends plastic steel doors and aluminum alloy doors, which are extremely moisture-proof and can be effective. Isolating water vapor makes it difficult for bacteria to breed, and also plays a role in room isolation.

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3. Door material
How to choose a door? First of all, of course, we have to find the right material. Our positioning is steel doors and wooden doors. For the entrance, iron doors are chosen for the connection to the outside world. The quality and hardness of steel doors are very suitable for the protection of the house. In the bedroom, the matching of doors is usually different in different rooms. For example, between the bedroom and the living room, you can choose a wooden door that matches the style. But in the kitchen, it is best to choose a door with a smooth appearance. Because the kitchen has a lot of oil smoke, a smooth door will also be used. Can help with door cleaning.

The editor would like to emphasize that the door as a whole is divided into door leaves and doors and windows. However, when choosing a door, many people focus on the quality of the doors and windows, and often ignore the quality of the door frames. However, many businesses have seized this point of consumers. One point is to replace the material of the door frame with a cheaper one, so friends should pay more attention to looking more comprehensively when buying doors. The materials of indoor doors should be more careful for different areas.

4. Door price
I believe that many friends have encountered price traps when buying doors. The door prices given by merchants when quoting were very vague, especially in the door frame. As a result, when we paid, we found that the price exceeded No matter how we calculated our budget, it was never accurate to the price we quoted from the merchants at the beginning. The merchants often increased the price on door frames that exceeded the standard. But at this time, when we finished buying the door, we couldn’t To refute, because the door is exactly the size mentioned by the merchant, the editor recommends that when purchasing a door, you must ask clearly the price of all parts of the entire door. Otherwise, if the merchant increases the price during decoration, you will be dumb. There is no telling how hard it is to eat yellow, so you must pay more attention to the price.

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5. Door installation
After the door is purchased, the next step is to install it. Nowadays, large furniture companies in the market will provide door-to-door delivery services, and installation masters will also provide door-to-door services. At this time, friends need to master the skills of inspecting indoor wooden doors after installation. First of all, there is the problem of the rotating shaft between the door leaf and the door frame. In order to save trouble, many workers only install two rotating shafts on the door. In this way, there may not be too big a problem at the beginning, but after a long time, the door needs to be repaired every day. If used, the door leaf will tilt, which makes it particularly inconvenient to use. In addition, few people notice the rubber sleeve on the door frame, and many people think it is dispensable. However, what the editor wants to warn here is that because The material of the door cover is relatively soft for the door. If the door is opened or closed with force, the door leaf and door frame of the house may be easily broken. The door cover plays a very good shock absorption role. If the door installer is If you don’t install it, you should ask the master more, otherwise the places that should be installed will be missed.

Regarding glass doors, many friends have glass in their bathrooms and kitchens, so here I would like to say that when choosing, you must pay attention to whether the glass is double-sided. If there are children playing at home, single-layer Glass is also easily damaged. When installing a glass door, you should also ask about the price of the glass. In most cases, the price of glass is not very expensive, but the labor cost is, so be sure to ask about the details of the entire installation process.

6. After-sales
In the past, for many people, after-sales service was not something worth caring about. Now more and more people attach great importance to after-sales service. In addition to the warranty time, the key to after-sales service is the details included in the after-sales service. Some Merchants will vaguely explain the post-sales treatment in order to shirk responsibility. Everyone must ask clearly about the after-sales service, and there must be after-sales certificates, such as the hardware accessories of the lock and its shaft, etc., which are relatively easy to damage in the door. places, so everyone should ensure that these places are covered by the warranty.

In fact, when it comes to the choice of door, although many of us are laymen, we still have to consider the door more before buying a house, such as door leaf, door frame, door lock, etc. If there are problems before purchasing, we should Respond to the merchant in a timely manner. If the installation is postponed to a later stage, the service life of the door will not be extended. When problems occur, you will have to bear the cost of repairs alone. These are the points that the editor discusses with you when choosing home doors. I wonder if you will gain something.

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