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Have you ever experienced piercing pain shooting through the lower region of your back? Well, you’re not the only one. 31 million people across America regularly suffer from lower back pain.

If you don’t stop it from the start, this can quickly lead to serious injuries and daily discomfort. However, with proper lumbar support, you can avoid this problem entirely.

This guide will help you understand the importance of lumbar support and the various ways you can prevent/alleviate lower back pain.

Why You Need Proper Lumbar Support

The slight curve you feel when running your hand along your lower back needs proper lumbar support. Without one, we mindlessly slouch and lean too far back/forward, leading to poor posture.

Poor posture isn’t something to lightly brush off. Over time, this results in excessive strain and pressure on our lower back muscles. Besides the dull pain, the smallest daily task becomes frustrating to carry out.

Here’s how lumbar support can be your greatest tool:

Avoid Lower Back Pain
Some things you can ignore, but lower back pain brings on a new level of discomfort and uneasiness. From walking to picking an item from the ground, life becomes 10X harder.

Lumbar support prevents back pain because it properly aligns your muscles and spine. Overall, it reduces the tension in your lower back.

Proper Posture
Lumbar support drastically improves your posture. Whether you’re standing or sitting, there are many different lumbar supports available for any activity.

Better posture means less strain on your muscles and better blood flow to your lower back. Besides the physiological benefits, good posture makes you seem more confident and taller, an added boost that we all love.

Good Spine Structure
Incorporating lumbar support in your daily life does a world of wonder for your spine. It helps evenly distribute weight across your lower back, decreasing the pressure placed on your spinal cord. When the spine takes on too much, this can lead to disc tears and other dire back injuries.

Types of Lumbar Support to Strengthen Your Lower Back

It might seem nearly impossible to fix poor posture. However, if stay consistent and stick to your goal, you will see the results. Below is a list of various lumbar supports and ways you can prevent lower back pain.

Ergonomic chair
Whether you work eight hours a day at your desk or browse YouTube videos, an ergonomic chair can provide the lumbar support you need. Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed so you can maintain good posture throughout the day and avoid back pain. It promotes proper alignment of your back, neck, and shoulders.

We carry a wide array of ergonomic chairs. The dynamic lumbar support on the sits comfortably on your lower back and responds to the pressure you place on it. It also perfectly shapes to your back curvature and makes sitting for hours on end a comfortable experience.

Back Exercises
Back exercises can help strengthen back muscle, leading to better spine support and even better posture. Exercising can also increase blood flow to your muscles, resulting in less pain and tension.

Speak to your physical therapist to find exercises that will best suit your fitness levels and needs. Not only will you look and feel great, but you also save yourself the troubles of back pains and aches.

Lumbar roll
You can add a lumbar roll to any car seat or airplane ride to provide relief to your lower back. Lumbar rolls are small cushions that align with the area where the spine curves to lessen the pressure on your lower back muscles.

The best thing about lumbar rolls is that you can take them anywhere. If you do not own an ergonomic chair, it’s the next best solution to prevent lower back pain.

Practice good posture
Improving your posture comes with a level of self-awareness. It’s important to be aware of how you sit, stand, and walk to change these habits.

First, train yourself to realize when you start leaning too far forward/back or slouch. Once you acknowledge your bad posture, roll your shoulders and straighten your back.

In general, your shoulders should align with your hips when standing upright, and keep your head up with your chin tucked at all times. Try your best to stay in this position throughout the day. Whenever you start to slouch and shift, immediately change your posture.

Secondly, you can occasionally take time to go shopping with your cute bag on your back, go to a bar, chat with friends of the opposite sex, or find some entertainment, which is better than sitting on a chair in the office all the time.

It takes practice to correct your posture. However, once you’ve made it a habit to fix your posture, sitting and standing upright won’t be so difficult.

Lumbar support can be the extra tool you need to improve your posture and prevent lower back pain. This small investment can add so many benefits to your life and overall well-being.

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